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September 12, 2011


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I'm going to eat a milestone celebration cake this evening.

This is good news, and I hope and think this will accelerate development of apps that take care of this feature.

Steve Germano

I agree, this should open the doors for 3rd party app devs to create some streamline exporting apps for vertical specific purposes.

James Blood

What about the import!?!?! Surely we need both import and export???

Cristina Belderrain


an API, as far as I know, is a code interface to a program whose methods you can call from your own program to build the functionality you want. If the IFC exporter is an API, then you can build a program that call the IFC exporter methods using different parameter values, for example. This way, you can customize the result of the model export. Right?

Now, what developers are supposed to do with this open source API? Add methods? Remove methods? Modify existing methods? Maybe I'm not getting it, but changing an API doesn't make sense to me. In fact, it seems quite dangerous in this case as you'll end up with many, possibly ill-documented ways to export a Revit model through IFC.

On the practical side, yesterday I've downloaded the MSI file from SourceForge. After the execution of the installer, I've got the license in a RTF file and a DLL. A DLL is compiled executable code, so where's the source code to be open sourced?

I apologize if I've misunderstood the whole Autodesk initiative. I'm a Java developer and I'm not used to Revit's development environment. I would really thank you if you could shed some light on this.

Best regards,


Emile (Blog Author)

Folks - thank you so much for your comments.

Posts from Nordlenningen and Steve G - thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It is much appreciated.

Post from James B - Import is important but our users have made it very clear that they want us to work on Export first. We have not and will not forget about Import, its just not working through the API so we can not release it.

Post from Cristina - What was released is the source code that uses the Revit API to generate the IFC output. We are not releasing the Revit API as open source. We are releasing the code that uses the API to generate the IFC file. What you downloaded is the installable compiled version of the exporter. On the same site you can get access to the full source code. Its all there for you to see and download. I hope you can give it a look and try it out. As for being a Java developer. We have feedback that Java developers have learned C# with little effort and have not had much difficulty getting started on Revit.

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