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February 28, 2011


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Mike Jones

Great summary. I'm only now trying out the latest RAM to Revit 2011 link. So far so good, going from Revit to RAM. Have yet to try going back the other direction.

Ben Osborne

RAM Structural Synchronizer can link Revit to RAM Elements and RAM Concept.

The RAM SS link works very well bi-directionally. Ive been using it since they first came out with it in 2009. The only major issue i've had is with walls. (You have to split up walls that intersect in Revit before sending them to RAM). And don't forget to put a moment connection on both ends of a cantilever backspan.


So do you know Raoul Karp? I worked with him, quite a bit to help solve some of linking issues we where having with Ram steel on a large hospital I was working on back in 2008. This was when the link was still you young quite a few bugs in it. It didn't help that we were trying to link 14,000 elements into Ram from Revit. Although at the end of the day, with quite a bit of work, were were able to keep the Revit and Ram model linked together, and actually did an size update the day before the drawings went out due to some design changes.

Emile Kfouri (Blog Author)

Oh ya - I know Raoul quite well. We did not work together on the first project I did at RAM (RAM Foundation) but we worked very closely together on RAM Concrete and DataAccess. Great guy!
Quite impressive what you accomplished so early on in the analysis link days. I can't say things are perfect now but they sure are a lot better.


Yeah it was quite a project, 3 million square feet, and there was no way we could have been able to do it without the help from the guys at Ram Raoul, Steve, Greg, and Justas. They were extremely helpful and would actually fix problems/bugs as we found them, then would send us new builds just to keep us going.

One of main obstacles that we had to over come was that not everything was going to be analyzed in Ram and how to separate those items out. To make matters worse there were some beams that need some properties from Ram, but other properties were coming from other analysis. For instance the size, and reactions would come from Ram but we would need to override the camber, or the stud count. So that turned into a book keeping chore that we didn't mess it up when we updated the model.

Peter Žalman

You are missing link with Scia Engineer,might be interesting software for you to know about

Emile Kfouri (Blog Author)

Ben and Peter thank you for giving me a few more structural analysis links that I did not know about before. I will do an updated round up some time in the summer and will add the new ones to the table. In the mean time these are the links to the two products:

Scia Engineering: http://www.scia-online.com/en/revit.html

Structural Synchronizer: http://www.bentley.com/en-US/Products/Structural+Analysis+and+Design/ISM/Download.htm

John Zani

also missed the masterseries link

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