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January 11, 2011


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John Anderson

My initial thoughts are that Autodesk could have easily incorporated these and better capabilities into Revit as has been a huge request for several years. One thing I had hoped that Eaglepoint would have provided would be better and parametric 3D trees. Using RPC trees and calling it a landscape design tool seems like a joke. The package seems way overpriced for what you get. Your review should look at the specifics of what you get, not the selling points.

Graham Briggs

I've been using Siteworks for Revit, off and on, for several months now. While I can say that it is full of potential, I must also add that it is not yet fully developed.

Siteworks can do simple things fast and easy, like raising a pad (with cut/fill slopes) on sloping terrain. Or, laying down a street with curbs, gutters and sidewalks on flat or evenly sloped terrain. What I have struggled with is the "real world" grading situations found commonly in hillside development; and complicated, non-rectilinear parking lots with drainage features and multiple intersecting islands, etc.

The developers at Eaglepoint are working hard to catch up with Revit users' pent-up desire for site tools. Hopefully, soon, they will hit their stride. Two things that I would really like to see are: better integration with the way Reviteers think, and better use of Revit's native sketching tools.

Emile Kfouri (Blog Author)

John - Thank you very much for your comment. I know that many users share your thoughts on the need for improvements in the Revit Site tools. The issues as with all things in life is priority, time, etc. What Siteworks does is to meet that need. I have met a number of people from Eaglepoint and they are very serious about the product. I will make sure to pass your comments to them.

Graham - It is great to get real world feedback from a user of the product. As I promised John I will pass your comments to Eaglepoint. I would also strongly encourage you and all software users to communicate and engage with developers. Our software only gets better when we get input from our user base. On a side note one of my next posts is about how apps can integrate better into the platform and why it is important. Stay tuned and once again thank you both for your feedback.

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