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June 29, 2011


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This is an excellent addition - I've relied on this feature in AutoCAD for years, and is very welcome in this new context.

oscar lópez

Location Error - Download Request

Download Not Available
This download is not available in some countries.

What Could Be the Reason?

Emile Kfouri

Oscar please post this comment on the Labs site. I have forwarded it to the team but I would like to make sure the question and response are tracked on that site too so all can benefit from it.

Scott Sheppard

Most technology previews on Autodesk Labs are open to the world. For some technology previews we start small and then get bigger based on the feedback we get. There are a variety of complex factors that are considered when selecting which areas have access to the technology previews. In fact there are even country specific legal and other complex factors that are considered. eTransmit for Revit is currently limited to: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States. We do hope to expand to other geographies.

Chris Price

Hi Emile,

On the same lines of this tool, but performing other functions here is a tool for Revit Issuing and Transmittals.



Way cool Chris - thank you for pointing me to this. I had not heard of it before. Will post a short blog on this to make sure everyone has the link.

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